Private & Film Guiding

Private guiding

For Safaris

Clinton Edwards is a charismatic and experienced private safari guide. He has been qualified and actively guiding since 1992 and has guided people from all walks of life and many different nationalities. He has worked in many areas of Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique and Namibia, guiding numerous game drives, walks, camping, mobile, canoeing and rafting trips.

Clinton also has a connection with children and he enjoys guiding younger guests as much as older guests, teaching and showing them the many wonders of the African wilderness.

For Expeditions

Over his years of experience Clinton has mastered many aspects of the wilderness. He has worked as a professional canoe safari guide on the Zambezi. He has guided white water rafting trips on the Zambezi below Victoria Falls and in Canada. He has taken part in 2 first-time expeditions on the Rio Lugenda of Mozambique / Tanzania and the Source to delta where he paddled the Okavango River from its source to the Okavango Delta to raise funds for Children in the Wilderness.

This makes Clinton an asset for any wilderness based expeditions or research crews needing a person experienced in logistics, transport, communication, nutrition and of course wildlife encounters.

Filming Guiding & Film Crews

Clinton has worked with diverse international film productions whilst they film in Botswana and Zimbabwe. His experience is extensive in logostics and also as he is a talented photographer himself, he posseses the eye and knowledge to compliment any film crew. As he is a quailfied professional guide this makes him especially valuable in the wildlife and nature doumentary sectors where close-up shots require close-up encounters with wild animals in a wild environment.

Film Titles Clinton has worked on:

National Geographic - The Hawks

Korean Broadcasting Services - Botswana – Wilderness Paradise

Several Japanese Film Productions